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  COLLOIDAL SILVER, YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM'S BEST FRIENDColloidal Silver, a solution in which microscopic, electrically chargedparticles of Silver are in suspension (colloidal), is claimed to kill 650
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Collgen2- Ionic Colloidal Silver Generator Evidence Based Science Praise REPORT! A man just sent me this testimonial Just received an email I guess I have a bit of a story to tell in getting here. My daughter had/has and IBS or ulcerative colitis. About 2 months ago she started on a dosage of Colloidal Silver 7 ppm as she developed shingles and was starting to fail badly and fast. Within a few days she started getting better and the symptoms of the shingles, bells palsy pretty much disappeared. She was on it for about two weeks and then started Moringa from Zija. To say the least her life has completely changed,, she has gained her lost weight back and is symptom free of the IBS ulcerative Colitis. As an electrical engineer I could see how the silver ions worked right away and want one for our use as a family and of course my friends. He just ordered his CollGen2®. He was blessed to know someone who gave him the silver water 7ppm generated with this generator.
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Biologic Transport of Silver Ions!FREE Information that WORKS!Those that say silver ions complex with stomach acid to produce mostly useless compounds, have not looked at the big picture, of biologic ion transport!
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 Every prepper knows about the benefits of colloidal silver. Used topically, colloidal silver kills bacteria, protecting wounds from infection. When taken internally, it accomplishes much the same thing, and I've personally seen my dear sweet mother that was in septic shock recover~
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Visit the websites below OFTEN!     http://www.RUSSBIANCHI.COM You owe it to yourself to watch the 4 Video's on Uncle Russ's Site! Then call me up about Drinking Life In!  208-232-0403
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[Colloidal] Silver HydrosolAs conventional medicine's resources continue to diminish in effectiveness, consumers, researchers, and physicians are once again turning their attention to silver as a primary immune support tool.  Its use as a respected preservative, disinfectant, and regenerative agent dates back thousands of years.  Today,  generate your own Silver Hydrosol with your very own CollGen2® the exact scientific technology was  refined by the late Fred Peschel.  With his use of silver an amazing metal and this 1 of a kind scientifically designed and engineered instrument—you will generate a a gallon of true colloidal silver hydrosol.
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If the Colloidal Silver that you purchase does not label the ions 10 ppm or less, it is not bio-available to cells, period!  Do NOT trust the propaganda, read the science.  My friend showed me a bottle of 500 ppm colloidal silver that she bought for $48.00.  It resembled black muddy water.
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The element silver has long been recognized as a precious metal of significant value. In fact, prior to the early '60s, silver was used to make quarters and dimes because it held its value in weight. Silver is also utilized in a variety of industrial uses including imaging and photography, electronics, water purification, as well as various catalytic uses. It is a highly conductive metal that does not corrode so it works effectively in various chemical processes. Many people, however, remain unaware of the health-promoting benefits of silver.
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The CollGen2® is the only Ionic Colloidal Silver Generator that generates a pure and consistent 7PPM silver ion.   IF YOUR COLLOIDAL SILVER GENERATOR ONLY REQUIRES DISTILLED WATER, YOU ARE CREATING SILVER MIXED WITH OTHER KINDS OF IONS!!!!
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